Game Off 2018:

We are connecting to the hybrid theme by taking a well-known meme and turning it into a game.

Timb, a New York City rat, was scurrying to get to his friend’s party with the world’s largest pizza in one paw. He was going to be a legend, destined to go down in rodent history. While waiting on the subway platform for a train to arrive, a frightened human screamed and kicked poor little Timb onto the tracks below causing his pizza to fly everywhere! Help him fulfill his destiny by collecting all the slices and making it to the party on time in Timby’s Pizza Run.

Development Team:
Lead Developer: Jessica Adjei
Developer: Alfredo Marrero
Developer: Zaiba Iqbal
Sound and Music: Alex Juhan
Artwork: Sarah Roman
Coordinator: Lawrence Gabriel Castillo

Special Thanks to:
Hunter Esports and Game Design Collective (Hunter College, New York, NY)